What do you need to know to participate in the Polar Bear Dip?

Why do we do it?

By participating in the Polar Bear Dip, you are supporting Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Boost CYAC is a Toronto charity that works to prevent child abuse and provides critical support to children and families when abuse takes place.

The centre brings together all professionals involved in child abuse cases under one roof, for a coordinated response to child abuse victims. Our team of highly-skilled professionals collaborate on cases, take actions that prevent re-victimization, and support the child’s long- term well-being, as well as non-offending family members.

In addition to housing the only centre of its kind in Toronto, Boost CYAC offers a number of direct services including, primary prevention, public education, trauma assessment and therapy and court preparation for child witnesses.

Boost CYAC is a centre of leadership, promoting excellence in child abuse services, research, training and education – a collective community response to protecting Toronto’s children from abuse.


Step 1: Set up your team/individual fundraising page:

Register right away to prove your brawn! You can sign up as an individual, create a team, or join a team. Don’t dare dip? Be a team player and sign up to fundraise only (don’t worry…polar bears and chickens get along!).


Step 2: Collect Donations

Make a personal contribution and share your fundraising page with your friends, colleagues, and family. From the fundraising dashboard, you can invite friends to support you or doubledog dare them to join your team for the January 1st dip! We require a minimum donation of $30 to participate. But don’t stop there! We have great prizes for the top teams and top individual fundraisers!


Step 3: Tweet like bird and roar like a polar bear!

Be sure to tell everyone that you're daring to dip in Lake Ontario on New Year's Day. Don't forget to Like The Toronto Polar Bear Club Facebook Page, and mention the dip on Facebook, and follow us on twitter so that you don't miss our updates. Drop some dip shout outs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. #topolarbearclub


Step 4: Dare to Dip!

We really look forward to seeing you on January 1st. Arrive by 11a.m. in time to register and take part in the festivities. Your dip must-haves:


Step 5: Brag!

Check it off your bucket list and brag that you are now an official member of the Toronto Polar Bear Club! Don’t forget your Club keepsake and certificate.