What do you need to know to participate in the Polar Bear Dip?

Why do we do it?

By participating in the Polar Bear Dip, you are supporting Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

Boost CYAC is a Toronto charity that works to prevent child abuse and provides critical support to children and families when abuse takes place.

The centre brings together all professionals involved in child abuse cases under one roof, for a coordinated response to child abuse victims. Our team of highly-skilled professionals collaborate on cases, take actions that prevent re-victimization, and support the child’s long- term well-being, as well as non-offending family members.

In addition to housing the only centre of its kind in Toronto, Boost CYAC offers a number of direct services including, primary prevention, public education, trauma assessment and therapy and court preparation for child witnesses.

Boost CYAC is a centre of leadership, promoting excellence in child abuse services, research, training and education – a collective community response to protecting Toronto’s children from abuse.

Unfortunately due to ice conditions at Sunnyside Beach and in consideration of participant safety we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Toronto Polar Bear Dip for the first time in 13 years. This event for us has always been about starting the year off in a fun refreshing way and to raise money for Toronto charities. Today we have to consider the safety of everyone first and foremost. We will be exploring the possibility of running the event on a later date. We'd love to see the spirit of the event continue tomorrow! We'd encourage everyone to post a video of you doing your own "mini Polar Bear Dip" tomorrow to this page or to twitter with the hashtag #daretodip . If you can't "dip" then maybe jump in a snowbank or make snow angels in your bathing suit. If we can't be together tomorrow, let's be together in spirit! And let's keep the pledges for Boost coming in.